GAMA master (student assistant)

Job for Student Assistent – ICT focus – 8-16 hours per week – start a.s.a.p.

Ecostan is an agent based model of a sustainable neighborhood. It models a future sustainable electricity grid with energy from wind and solar and how it works together with a neighborhood adopting electric vehicles, heat pumps, solar panels, solar boilers, inductive cooking and insulation.

Ecostan is an initiative of the TU/e, Elaad and Alliander. It is modeled in GAMA, an agent based modelling platform comparable to NetLogo but more robust and mature. More on Ecostan and GAMA [here].

Ecostan is looking for a GAMA master. Your function will be somewhat comparable to that of a WEB master. You will assist others students in adding their agents to the GAMA framework and you will keep the entire model organized in terms of practical matters like directory structure, file names and variable names. We use GitHub for our code.

Good programming skills are a must: you must be able to understand what the other students are doing and coach them if needed. You have experience in agent based modelling or you are good at object oriented programming and are willing to learn how to transfer this skill to agent based modelling. If you have no knowledge of GAMA, you must be willing and able to teach yourself.

The job will last for one year and the pay is 15 euro’s per hour. Work location and other arrangements to be decided together.